Between the 28th of November and 1st of December, the sixth version of ASIACOPPER WEEK will be held in Shanghai, China. This encounter is one of the most important in the copper industry globally, and it’s organized by CESCO, in cooperation with the Chinese Non-ferrous Metal Industry Association (CNIA). In this occasion, speaker of the main activity -Asia Copper Dinner- will be Zhu Min, whom is currently the Head of the National Institute for Financial Research from Tsinghua University (NIFR) and was the President of the Bank of China between 2003 and 2009, as well as the Deputy Managing Director for FMI.

The distinguished Chinese economist will be the main speaker for the dinner on Thursday 30th of November, where more than 1800 industry executives can find out about perspectives around China for the coming years.

Zhu Min has published a broad range of books on macroeconomic management, financial regulation and supervision, and financial market issues. He is an invited lecturer for several post-graduation university schools and is a frequent speaker in the main world economy forums.

When taking his current role at the National Institute for Financial Research from Tsinghua University, he encouraged its researchers to build a “broader view” and propose an “audacious effort” for research. Under his guidance, he has established a two-way mechanism of “inviting and going abroad”, through the creation of Exchange visits and the celebration of academic seminars with international financial institutions. This way, he seeks to expand the institute’s reputation globally.

For more information on Asia Copper Week, please go to www.asiacopperweek.com. In case of questions or comments, please send an e-mail to cesco@cesco.cl