Minister of Mining underscored the need for more innovation

On the second day of ASIA COPPER WEEK, the secretary of state highlighted the portfolio of 44 new projects for 65 billion dollars, and the necessity of intensive suppliers in technology and innovation in this new stage, also marked by challenges such as water scarcity and the need for investment in projects following that line.

In front of more than 300 world leaders and representatives of the industry, the Chilean Mining Minister, Baldo Prokurica, started the 14th Asia Copper Conference in the framework of the seventh edition of Asia Copper Week, the main copper event held in China, organized by the Center for Copper and Mining Studies (CESCO).

In his speech, the secretary of state highlighted the political and economic stability of the country, as well as investment initiatives such as the Management Office  of Sustainable Projects (GPS) of the Ministry of Economy, to identify and expedite the implementation of projects of investment of the productive sectors, and the Sustainable Development Division of the Ministry of Mining, “where we promote and accompany mining investments so that they can materialize in our country,” he said.

He also added that today there is an Investment Cadastre of Chilean mining for the period 2018-2027 that considers 44 projects for more than 65 billion dollars.

“This important portfolio of projects not only reflects the attractiveness of the Chilean mining sector for investors, but it is also a great opportunity for the equipment and technology supplier industry”, he stressed, adding that Chilean mining deposits and these new initiatives require the participation of technology and innovation-intensive suppliers.

In this regard, the Mining Minister said that the growth of the sector brings with it challenges, such as water scarcity and the production of waste in industry, and called on the attendees to consider these problems.

“I do not want to miss this opportunity to tell you that our mining will require more investments of this kind to support current operations and future mining projects. So I call you to trust Chile and its mining”, he pointed.

Baldo Prokurica also referred to the sustainability in the Chilean mining, mentioning the contract signed by Codelco with BMW and the French company Nexans so that both European companies can incorporate the Chilean copper with green certification into the manufacturing of their cars; likewise the agreement signed by the state company Enami with the Spanish company Acciona so that starting in 2022, its electricity consumption will be 100% renewable.

Finally, the secretary of state highlighted the good relations between Chile and China, stating that in 2017 more than USD $ 14 billion of copper was exported to the Asian giant, which is equivalent to 75% of shipments to that country.

“Although these are excellent indicators, there is still an enormous gap between both countries to continue advancing in our economic relations. In this sense, it is worth emphasizing and reinforcing the idea that as a Government we concerningly look the current commercial tensions, since they affect the development of the countries, so we hope with optimism that they will be solved in the best way and they will not be extended over time”, he said.