ICA launches Copper Mark, its bet for the responsible production of copper

The International Copper Association (ICA) introduced a new certification system to guarantee the responsible production of the red metal. The certification includes a verification of the practices of copper operations, including mines, smelters, and refineries.

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the International Copper Association (ICA) developed Copper Mark, a reliable verification seal for responsible copper production that, unlike many existing initiatives that follow a “standard audit” model, it is based on facilitating an information flow at the mine site level, risk management practices and public reports.

According to ICA during the launch of the initiative, Copper Mark was designed for and in conjunction with the copper industry, with the aim of demonstrating and improving its over time contribution to sustainable development through the evaluation of copper mines and refineries’ performance, and based on the criteria of responsible production and verification of performance through the Copper Mark Guarantee Process.

Cesco’s Executive Director, Alejandra Wood, praised the announcement in favor of transparency in sustainable copper production. “In general, any initiative that helps identify copper produced in a responsible manner will increasingly be a priority in the markets”.

Copper Mark is a voluntary program open to all members of the industry for their copper products to express the commitment of a producer to meet the industry’s sustainability standards in their operating practices. Although initially established, funded and staffed by ICA, the program will be overseen by an independent entity governed by a multi-stakeholder body from the first quarter of 2020.

For more information visit https://copperalliance.org