On June 26th, the book “Fundamentos de Economía Minera” (Fundamentals of Mining Economy), the work of Juan Ignacio Guzmán, member of Cesco and leader of the Industrial Revolution Commission 4.0, which develops an updated theory on the optimal exploitation of mineral resources at a technical-economic level was presented in the Aula Magna B of the Pontificia Universidad Católica. Based on the economic theory and mine planning, this work develops an unprecedented and avant-garde conceptual framework, generating a robust theoretical basis for mining engineering. In addition, it contains the latest developments in the mineral economy and mine planning, integrating them with the aim of developing methodologies applicable to the optimal exploitation of mines.

The writing of more than 700 pages and containing about 5,000 equations, is the second book of this civil engineer expert in Mineral Economics, General Manager of Management and Mining Economics Limited (GEM) and professor of prestigious universities in Chile. 

According to Juan Ignacio Guzmán, ” the idea of this book arose from a personal motivation to improve the understanding of the theory of the optimal exploitation of mineral resources, which started around 2008. The book took about 3 years to be written and is intended to support the academic training of mining engineers and natural resource economists”.

The main collaborators of the author were the students of the course that bears the same name of the Pontificia Universidad Católica. “The book is basically a compendium of my classes and course exercises,” said Guzmán.

“Fundamentos de Economía Minera” is available in several virtual platforms, in physical format or kindle one, including Amazon and Editorial Reverté, which was the one that published the book. From July you can buy it at Librería Antártica.