In the context of the upcoming COP25, which will be held at the end of 2019 in our country, the Confederation for Production and Commerce (CPC) together with EY Chile, summoned the main sectors of the economy in order to face together the massive challenge entailed by this worldwide meeting, and Cesco participates – together with key-industry players – in the sectoral committee for mining.

The objectives of this committee are: generating a private perspective on stakeholders, capturing all the information available, creating a representative statement of the sector, and developing a sectoral document for mining, consolidated by the CPC, which will be submitted to the President of the Republic and the authorities, where the views of the private sector as a whole will be announced.

Alejandra Wood, Executive Director for Cesco, said: “I hope that this dialogue within and between the productive sectors will be the beginning of a point of no return. While Chile is responsible for only 0.25% of global emissions, it is among the 10 countries that are most vulnerable to climate change. Mining faces significant adaptation challenges.”

The next meeting of the sectoral committee for mining will be held on August 20.