Australian experience sets ICARE encounter about the company-community relationship

¿How to align the goals of our organizations with interests of the community? That was the question that “Reflexions about the company and community relationship. Chile and Australia” encounter tried to answer, organized by ICARE last August 6th.

The event relied on the participation of Australian Ambassador, Robert Fergusson, and Professor Pamela Bourke, who has over 30 years of experience in social and community development policy planning. The academic from Queensland University and member of the Institute of Sustainable Minerals presented some key points about how the relationship between the business sector and the indigenous communities in Australia has evolved.

Executive Director Alejandra Wood attended the meeting and appreciated the presentation of the Australian expert. “She addressed some points included in projects of the mining industry, which is highly developed both in Chile and Australia. It is clear that a different approach is needed as regards public relations of the organizations, as well as new leadership styles when establishing fruitful relationships between the business sector and the community.