CESCO participates in the CPC-EY commission to take guidelines from the private sector to COP25

In order to elaborate a roadmap of the Chilean companies towards a resilient and neutral-carbon Chile in 2050, the Commerce and Production Confederation and Earnst and Young consultancy created the round table “Comission CPC-EY COP25” integrated by trade union representatives from various productive sectors. The goal is to deliver a report, that includes the private sector guidelines, to Chile´s President Sebastian Piñera, and to the Environment Ministry, before the global event occurs in November.

CESCO joined the mining table leaded by Felipe Celedon, Sonami´s General Manager, other participants were APRIMIN (mining industrial suppliers association), Cochilco and Corporacion Alta Ley, experts from Universities and several mining companies including Anglo American, Antofagasta CAP, CODELCO, Collahuasi, Haldeman, Las Cenizas, SQM and Teck. 

“The mining table is one of the most advanced and its members are very active, we already had three meetings where we talked about climate change management in mining, solar mining, GEI emissions and we explored the concept of Climate Smart Mining.

We also count on several studies and reports kindly shared by various members of the table including, for example, the national data inventory of greenhouse gas in Chile, the regional inventory of GEI, and several national reports about climate change that consider the position of the mining industry” Elanne Almeida, EY consultant, explained.

In this context, she mentions that this year she will identify what is desirable, what is possible and what it is required to make Chile carbon-neutral in approximately 30 years. 

“More than a final document, this report represents a starting point for future investments”, Almeida said.

Other relevant participants are Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (Chilean Construction Chamber), Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura (National Agriculture Society), Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (Sofofa), Cámara Nacional de Comercio (National Commerce Chamber) y Asociación de Bancos (Banks Association), representatives from water and transportation, Acción Empresas and Pacto Global.

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