Discussion table Minería Verde (Green Mining) makes progress towards key definitions with the participation of CESCO

Last August 19th the second meeting of the public-private world representatives was held to obtain consensus on the definitions of the industry with regard to water management, emissions reduction, and circular economy.

Deputy Mining Minister, Ricardo Irarrázabal, chaired the second meeting of Mineria Verde, that revolved around emissions reduction and counted on representatives from the Center for Copper and mining studies (CESCO), Alta Ley, Consejo Minero, National Society for mining (SONAMI), Chilean Commission for Copper (COCHILCO) and Aprimin,

Cesco member Víctor Pérez participates in the discussion table, which is considered a collaborative effort to reach COP25 with coordinated definitions about the mining role in the combat against climate change. The next meetings, which will be held in September, will address topics like emissions reduction and circular economy.

The Deputy Mining Minister appreciated the forum, reassuring that “Today, the mining industry presents major challenges and opportunities in order to achieve the transition towards more sustainable mining and that is exactly what we are striving for, in a collaborative way both public and private sector. We are convinced that when the job is completed, Chile will have clear guidelines in the green mining field that will allow it to empower even more the leadership role we have as a country on a global scale.