II Women in Mining Profile reveals difficulties when juggling motherhood and work

The consultancy firm Vantaz and Women in Mining (WIM) developed for a second consecutive year the study Women in Mining Profile to understand the reality they live in the industry and promote female participation. The report, presented on August 22nd, was based on a survey performed to almost 800 females associated with WIM Chile including a section of women that have worked in the mining industry but, for several reasons, abandoned it, as well as people studying something related to the mining field.

One of the main conclusions of the study is that half the women surveyed considered that conditions to juggle motherhood and work are unexisting. In addition, 52% think that the industry owes the career development processes, whereas  57% favors developing strategic planning for equal opportunities that require a minimum quota of participation.

“Even though we have made consistent progress in the inclusion of women in the mining industry, there´s still a long way to go in terms of retention and career development. This type of forums and studies should be repeated frequently since this a crucial topic in business” said Alejandra Wood, CESCO Executive Director, after participating in the meeting.

To see the full report click here https://vantaz.com/es/ii-perfil-de-la-mujer-en-mineria/