Winning the “20s”: Alejandra Wood participates in the ICARE encounter about the companies and their future

Under the name “The Company of the future: five keys for success in the next decade” ICARE held an encounter last August to analyze the strategies that the companies will have to adopt from 2020 onwards to conquer the future, taking into consideration the current uncertain political, economic and commercial scenario.

Among the special guests at the event was Martin Reeves, Managing Director & Senior Partner, Director BCG Henderson Institute, New York, who analyzed the “Winning the ’20s” report. This document reveals the new logic of the competition – with the incorporation of factors like learning, imagination and resilience – new forms of leadership and the imperative of diversity in the companies, among other topics.

CESCO executive director, Alejandra Wood, participated in this event were the challenges presented due to the incorporation of disruptive technologies that are drastically changing the rules of the competitive game were analyzed, as well as the projected scenarios for the next 10 years.

“It was interesting to prove, once more, the pressure to which big traditional corporations are subjected to because of the paradigm shift in different dimensions. It caught my attention the minimum visibility a relevant topic such as diversity has had as one of the key tools to face a new reality”, Alejandra Wood highlighted after the meeting.

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