Bill Gates-Led Fund Invests USD$ 20 millon into lithum start-up

The Breaktrough Energy Ventures investment fund – which has the participation of Bill Gates as Chairman of the Board of Directors – made an investment of USD $ 20 million in the company Lilac Solutions, which promises to revolutionize the way to extract lithium from brines for the preparation of batteries.

Based in Oakland, California, Lilac Solutions uses an ion exchange technology that allows, at a lower cost, to improve the percentage of brine lithium recovery from 40% to 80%, and thus respond to the future demand of the mineral, so necessary to boost the market of electric vehicles.

According to information publish by the Financial Times, these types of technologies arrive at a key moment for the development of the industry, especially due to the growing concern about the environmental impact that exists in the extraction of lithium in the Salar de Atacama, and the use of fresh water to realize it. It should be remembered that Chile is the largest producer of lithium in the world, and supplies a third of this mineral to the market.