Codelco closes technological development subsidy at the end of April

It was at the end of 2016 that Codelco announced the creation of its Codelco Tech subsidiary, born from the merger of three other innovation subsidiaries that were operating at that time: Biosigma, IM2 and Codelco Lab. This, in order to centralize in one place Research development.

However, and only three years later, the company took the determination to paralyze all its projects and decoupled part of the staff, and its closure would take place in April, as reported by El Mercurio.

The activities developed by the subsidiary will be internalized by the company, because one of the pillars of its transformation process is the deployment of innovation to solve productivity and sustainability challenges of the business.

When Codelco Tech was created, the idea was to provide services to the entire industry, but connoisseurs of the matter say that practically their only client was the state company itself.