World Copper Conference will be focused on environmental issues, sustainability and governance

Delegates, CEOs and senior managers of the main mining companies are expected to attend to a new version of this year’s World Copper Conference, an event organized by CRU Group and supported by the Center for Copper and Mining Studies (Cesco).

The conference, which is part of the Cesco Week Santiago 2020 and will be held between March 23 and 25, will have an approach linked to the environment, sustainability and governance, three essential aspects in the development of the mining industry.

“The mining business is being challenged and social value creation is becoming the goal in this complex scenario,” said Dominic Halahan, Portfolio Director at CRU Events. “As a leading public forum, the World Copper Conference will address how the mining industry will update its value proposition to communities and societies and transition into a safer, smarter, more inclusive and sustainable industry.”

For its part, the Executive Director of Cesco, Alejandra Wood, said that “after the social outbreak in our country, we want to offer an instance of reflection on the environmental, sustainable and governmental dimensions of the mining business. Global Industry leaders will be present to learn first hand how they will address this new context.”

In this scenario, the social value that the mining industry creates and how this value is perceived in the long term and away from its operations is one of the key challenges that it faces.

On this, Halahan said that “delegates will gain a clear understanding of how the world’s top mining companies are addressing this challenge directly from CEO speakers, they will also understand the central role technological developments are taking. Finally, they will also gain up-to-the-minute information about copper making costs, copper prices and other market developments.”


To review the full program of the World Copper Conference, please click here.