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The Center for Copper and Mining Studies, Cesco, is an independent and plural organization that promotes social legitimacy and confidence of the country in its mining as a development engine.

In order to achieve the above, it monitors and provides information and quality analysis in novel formats. Besides, it supports activities that others promote and encourage and fosters thoughts and dialogue among members of the mining world and civil the society.

It also drives a set of national and international events widely renowned for their high quality and call, including:

Cesco Week, Santiago

Asia Copper Week, Shanghai


Independence and objectivity: We encourage independent and rigorous analysis of the challenges and opportunities that are critical to the mining industry, both in a domestic and regional level.

Leadership: Our members and collaborators are professionals and experts with proven track record and experience in the mining industry and other sectors.

Ability to influence: We are a national and international model in the timely identification, debate and evaluation of those critical issues that might affect a healthy development of the mining sector and its relation with the country.

Diversity: We favor the participation of a diverse group of people so as to ensure the richness of dialogue and participation to create a mid and long term look for the country’s future.


To safeguard the independence and objectivity in our research, events, publications and other actions, our funding comes from the events we organize periodically, international sources, academic institutions, public funds for the development of independent studies, tenders and personal contributions from our members. Every year, we make these funds transparent.


Cesco was founded in 1984 as a private non-profit organization aimed to identify and propose alternative solutions to the problems faced by the mining development.

The founding members were a group of people linked to the mining world who devoted themselves to discuss about the development of the new Mining Code (issued in 1983), foreign investment in the sector, the privatization of deposits and new policies on mining resources. These topics were subjects of extensive debate, which included contrary positions to the trend towards privatization of state assets and management criteria of excellence for public companies in the sector. It also supported government strategies, such as the increasing in production of Codelco.

Cesco members always sustained the technical aspect, not-ideological one, nature of their positions, principle that was unanimously accepted and was publicly renowned.

In the second half of the nineties and until now, Cesco organizes the Cesco Dinner, which over the years has positioned itself as one of the main events of the global mining agenda due to its high call. This led to the addition of other important events related to the sector in the so called Cesco Week. The bunch of activities takes place in late March or early April and it is held yearly. Since 2012 Cesco leads the organization Asia Copper Week, an annual dinner that takes place in Shanghai, China.

These events bring together national and international actors involved in the global mining sector: mining companies, metal processing companies, investment banks, metal trading companies, engineering companies and shipping companies, among others.

Leopoldo Reyes
Marcelo Olivares
José Joaquín Jara
Jorge Bande
Iván Valenzuela
Felipe Azócar
Nicolás Fuster
Arturo Prieto

Cesco´s network is composed by the following members:

Felipe Azócar
Jorge Bande
Jaime Bravo
Ricardo Cortés
Patrick Cussen
Silvio Girardi
Juan Guajardo
Gustavo Lagos
José Luis Mardones
Isabel Marshall
Jorge Morán
John O’Brien
Ricardo Olivares
Jorge Quinzio
Leopoldo Reyes
Fernando Sánchez-Albavera
María Soledad Santa Ana
Enrique Silva
Mónica Singer
Ernesto Tironi
Esteban Valenzuela
Carlos Vignolo
Cristián Barrientos
Juan Ignacio Guzmán
Edmundo Tulcanaza
Marcelo Olivares
José Joaquín Jara
Ivonne Méndez
Iván Rayo
Roberto Souper
Julián Ortiz
Osvaldo Urzúa
María Domínguez
Jerónimo Carcelén
Pedro Lyon
Hernán Cuadro
Juan Pablo Schaeffer
Daniela Desaurmeaux
José Tomásd Letelier
Laura Novoa
Mauricio Rebolledo

Gabriel País

Alejandro Plaza
Arturo Prieto
Esteban Rodriguez
Nicolás Fuster
Matias Lagos
Hernán Araneda
Javier Muñoz
Paula Rojo
Zhang Xin
Jerry Jiao


Alejandra Wood - Executive Director
Claudia Vilches - Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Alejandra Rivera - Events Coordinator
Jose Herencia - Business and Administration Consultant
Las Urbinas 53 oficina 24 Providencia. Fono +56 2 2481 4300, cesco@cesco.cl