For more than 30 years, the Center for Copper and Mining Studies, CESCO, has been interested in delivering an independent and pluralistic vision of the most relevant topics for mining in Chile and the world.

To this end, it has carried out and promoted studies and meetings where these issues are addressed and where it is sought to contribute to a virtuous, inclusive and sustainable mining development that provides the basis for Chile's development.

By that logic, CESCO is today the host of two of the most important meetings of copper mining at a global level: Cesco Week Santiago, held every April in Chile, and Asia Copper Week held in November in Shanghai, China.


This year will be held on November 30, 2017 in Shanghai, where various companies, guilds and key players from the mining world will meet to discuss the challenges, needs and trends of copper mining worldwide. Soon we will announce the program of the event.


Chile’s capital becomes the epicenter of debate and discussion about mining and its future. Nearly 2,000 representatives of local and international mining gather at this meeting where for 5 days the most relevant  topics for copper mining are discussed and reviewed.




More than 2000 participants from 40 countries, 6 events, 100 leading companies in the industry and 90 speakers of the highest level, were part of the XXI version of Cesco Week Santiago, one of the most important worldwide meetings of the copper mining industry.

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