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Oportunities for mining on a changing world

Winston, Andrew - Photo - TED shotThe economist and author of renowned titles such as “Green to Gold” and “The Big Pivot” will participate in this copper mining world meeting, which brings together about 2,000 industry leaders. In his presentation on April 11 he will delve into the challenges and opportunities that mining has in building sustainable businesses towards a rapidly changing world.

Andrew Winston is a well-known international expert on sustainability and will be the main speaker of Cesco Dinner 2018, which brings together about 2,000 leaders of the world copper mining industry that will take place on April 11 at Espacio Riesco.

In his prominent worldwide interventions he delves into how companies can navigate and benefit from the greatest environmental-social challenges of the world, which he even expressed in his first book Green to Gold. This book has been the green business best-selling title of the last decade, with more than 100,000 copies in seven languages. In fact, Inc Magazine included Green to Gold in its list of “the 30 books that all managers should have”.

Another Winston’s prominent publication is The Big Pivot, selected among “The best Business Books of 2014″ by Strategy + Business magazine. Here, he explores how companies can thrive on a planet with higher temperatures, with a scarcity of natural resources, volatile and connected. He provides a new roadmap that helps leaders and executives to create a business, an economy and a more prosperous and resilient world.

As a speaker he has lectured in several parts of the world (Europe, Russia, Brazil, Middle East, China), sharing his message with leaders and executives of Fortune 500 companies. He also speaks at large industry conferences and high profile events such as the World Innovation Forum and TED talks.

Chile will be his next destination, where he will participate as the main speaker of Cesco Dinner 2018, an event that brings together different leaders of the world copper mining industry every year. On the occasion Winston will examine the opportunities and challenges that mining has in the construction of sustainable businesses towards a world that it is changing dramatically due to climate change, demands for greater transparency, new generations in the world of work and technological revolution, among others.

 Opinion leader

Founder of Winston Eco-Strategies, Winston’s views on strategy have been requested by many of the world’s leading companies, including Boeing, HP, J & J, Kimberly-Clark, PepsiCo, PwC and Unilever.

He is also a regular commentator on prominent media such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, Business Week, The New York Times and CNBC. In addition, he is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review online, The Guardian, Huffington Post and writes his own blog at  www.andrewwinston.com.



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