The most important meeting of world copper mining, which brings together more than 1,500 key players in the industry, will encompass this year the inclusion and opening to other interest groups – native peoples, regional leaders, university students, entrepreneurs/innovators, academics, among others – to reflect the interest of showing an open inclusive and belonging mining to all Chileans.

On April 5 th 2017, the main leaders, authorities and executives of the national and international mining industry will meet in Espacio Riesco to celebrate a new edition of the Cesco Dinner, which has been held since 1997 with the purpose of bringing together key players from the sector to discuss and analyze the main challenges of the industry as well as exchanging opinions, views and proposals.

Cesco Dinner is the central event of “Cesco Week Santiago”, which in 2017 will be held from April 3 – 7. This encounter gathers the most relevant world leaders of the mining industry and counts on the presence of important authorities and international role models.

Registrations for this event are open from today for those who wish to reserve their seats or table in advance. This year’s novelties will be opening and inclusion of different interest groups such as native peoples, regional leaders, university students, entrepreneurs/innovators, academics and others to show the interest of having an open, inclusive and belonging mining to Chilean people.

During this week we want to project not only a more open and inclusive mining, but we also want to reinforce the beginning of a new stage of mining, where innovation, technological development and the insertion of knowledge will play a prevailing role, without neglecting the social license and environmental care. Today we are all part of the construction of future’s mining and this meeting marks a milestone in this change of perspective, says Alejandra Wood, Executive Director of Cesco.

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