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Using a survey, more than 300 participants under 35 chose 5 questions that would make to the future president of the country.

During July, the Center for Copper and Mining Studies (CESCO), launched an initiative called “CHILE, MINING COUNTRY: WHAT’S YOUR OPINION, CANDIDATE?” which invited young people under 35 to raise their questions related to the present and future of the mining industry to the presidential candidates.

To collect their concerns, a survey with five topics was conducted: Codelco, mining property, lithium, environment and communities, and the future of mining. For each one of them there was the possibility of choosing a specific question or adding one of their own, in case none of those formulated questions were of the absolute preference of the participants.

Javier Muñoz, an entrepreneur linked to the mining world and founder of Mineral Forecast, was part of the Cesco youth team that participated in the definition of topics and questions of the survey. He explains the basis of their decisions: “Without doubt, the five chosen topics are the most discussed in the public agenda today. On the other hand, the future of mining is something that belongs to everyone, especially to us the new generations that are taking over the current leading positions. It was an excellent exercise to get involved and know what worries our peers.

After three weeks of validity and a good reception by the young people, with 340 answers received the questions chosen by them were:

1. What measures will you adopt in your government for the capitalization of Codelco: injecting state resources or incorporating private capital? (44.48% of preferences)

2. What measures do you propose to stimulate or promote exploration in the country? (40.30%)

3. What do you propose to boost investments in large projects? (35%)

4. In your possible government, what measures will be taken to ensure that Chile, along with exporting minerals, exports services and technology? (58.63%)

5. What is your strategy for Chile to make the most of its potential as a lithium-producing country? (47.18%)

Alejandra Wood, Executive Director of Cesco, explains that “we are encouraging this initiative because, as a meeting platform, we seek to promote a new mining from Chile to a world that is changing, and we firmly believe in the power of the new generations as great drivers of this change the mining industry needs. Adding the voice of the youngest we will be able to promote a new mining epic, where minerals such as copper and lithium
will be an essential part of a more sustainable world based on clean energies.

And she adds that “mining, which has been and will be key to our economic development, is still perceived as distant from the common people for several reasons. Therefore, the topics chosen by young people through this initiative should be seen as a great opportunity for the presidential candidates to approach the citizens and the new decision makers. We are interested in expanding the conversation around the challenges of the so- called fourth industrial revolution for our country, where population growth, urbanization, decarbonization and the boom of electro-mobility open new horizons for Chile and its mining.

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