CESCO WEEK SANTIAGO: The evaluation of what was the epicenter of mining worldwide

Between April 3rd and 7th, the main players of the global mining industry gathered in Santiago to discuss and analyze the challenges and trends of the sector, and to exchange opinions, visions, experiences and proposals.


A great opportunity for the industry and for Chile, which for a week was in the center of the mining world.


More than 2000 participants from 40 countries, 6 events, 100 leading companies in the industry and 90 exhibitors of the highest level, were part of the 21st version of Cesco Week Santiago, one of the most important meetings in the worldwide copper mining industry.

During the 5 days of the event, several topics were addressed such as productivity, current situation and challenges of the main mining companies in Chile and the world, market prospects, explorations, opportunities for the copper mining industry, and mining and impurities: Regulatory trends, markets and technologies. The week also included the official launch of two open platforms for innovation in mining: Strategic suppliers and tailings.

As usual, one of the events that gathered most interest was the Cesco Dinner, a large networking space in which more than 1700 people participated. During the activity, there were an audiovisual show paying tribute to Violeta Parra, a talk by Gianni Kovacevic, Executive President of CopperBank and founding member of CO2 Master Solutions Partnership, and a video of five stories of succes on mining entrepreneurs, a segment that was sponsored by Alta Ley.

To whatch the video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCu-W9HkIoI

Without any doubt, it was a fantastic opportunity for the people in the industry to discuss and analyze the challenges and trends of the sector as well as exchange points of view, experiences and proposals. Chile was also favored strenthening its position as leading country in the worldwide mining industry.

To see Gianni Kovacevic´s presentation please click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WljDxBTg4Ag




Oscar Landerretche, Chairman of Codelco’s Board

“Our conviction is to restore people’s confidence. Let’s open ourselves to honest dialogues with citizens. This industry will end up better if it commits to it”.


Nelson Pizarro, CEO of Codelco

“Competitiveness is key to overcoming low price cycles and capturing value in high cycles. Today, a new business model is required to do mining in Chile”.


Daniel Malchuk, Executive President of BHP Billiton

“We are in the right moment to begin the transformation of the copper mining industry for the next quarter century. The change will not be easy, our challenges are enormous”.


Iván Arriagada, President of Antofagasta Minerals

“Innovation is the key as a competitive advantage and it has to be promoted both internally and externally”. He also called for a major effort to allocate capital efficiently, sharing infrastructure to maximize economic use and return.




Gianni Kovacevic, Presidente Ejecutivo de CopperBank y miembro fundador de CO2 Master Solutions Partnership

“What a fantastic dinner! 1700 people focused on the copper business with undivided attention talking about the energy business. Let’s celebrate that and the future of energy, especially the electric, will be hand in hand with the copper industry.


Aurora Williams, Minister of Mining

“I want to thank CESCO´s invitation for the contribution they make through analysis and dialogue on strategic issues for national mining, as well as their valuable support to the diffusion and promotion of Chile and its mining industry”.


Alejandra Wood, Executive Director of Cesco

“I feel happy because it was an event that achieved a very good call and that has been the general comment. Happiness for Cesco, but also for the Chilean mining because a positive message of necessity of change was transmitted and an invitation to young people to take a more relevant role”.


Joaquín Villarino, Executive President at Consejo Minero (Mining Council)

“It came to refresh the view many times dyed by domestic issues in the country. A contribution to the discussion and the current look of the industry, so I have nothing more to say than congratulations”.


Diego Hernández, President of Sonami (Mining National Society)

“The atmosphere and the number of people who participated are a reflection of the industry’s recovery”.


Pamela Chávez, founder of Agua Marina

“Participating in the Cesco Dinner was a tremendous opportunity for international networking. We are happy to be able to share with other technological entrepreneurs and strengthen the bonds”.


Javier Muñoz, member of “Cesco’s young people” team

“Cesco Dinner was a very good meeting point between all the entities of the industry. I think it has generated a very positive interaction with new people who are entering the sector. It also opens opportunities for innovation and to think about the future of this industry”.


Enrique Olivares, partner at  VIZUtire Chile

“We want to thank them for the opportunity to be at the Cesco Dinner, for the networks we have expanded with the visibility of our technology in the mining world”.



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