The encounter organized by the Chilean study center, which consists of three events, brought together more than 2000 people, representing more than 100 leading companies of the global mining industry, where the challenges of the sector and the strategy that should be used over the next few years to boost its growth and development was discussed.

More than 2000 people from more than 20 countries around the world gathered on November 15, 16 and 17 at the fifth annual edition of “CESCO WEEK SHANGHAI”. The main copper event in Asia was held in the Shanghai International Convention Center and it was organized by the Center for Copper and Mining Studies (CESCO).

This year, top executives of more than 100 companies from the international mining industry participated in three events: the 12th Asia Copper Conference organized by Metal Bulletin, the 5th CEO Summit and the 5th Asia Copper Dinner, where top copper executives from around the world discussed and analyzed the industry’s key challenges.

Alejandra Wood, Executive Director of CESCO, tells that “for us it is a great pride to have been once again hosts of this important meeting of the worldwide mining industry. Chile once again had the opportunity to set the standard as leaders and drivers of the sector. Also, understanding China’s vision and the future of its economy was key, as they are fundamental elements that will guide us in the upcoming decades”.

In this regard, the executive maintains that there was a consensus over the current megatrends, such as unconventional energies and their storage, information technologies, greenhouse gas abatement, urbanization and smart cities, health and large-scale food provision, among others, have copper as the common denominator.

“Red metal major producers are making big efforts to meet that future demand, Chile particularly. In a more optimistic climate, with a new common future view along with measures that promote investment, Chile will be allowed to secure its position as world leader. Thus, keep contributing to the development of the country”.

The Chilean delegation was formed by Nelson Pizarro, CEO of Codelco; Iván Arriagada, Executive President of Antofagasta Minerals; Diego Hernández, President of the National Mining Society (SONAMI); Mauro Valdés, President of Alta Ley Program, and representatives from CESCO: Alejandra Wood, Executive Director and hostess of the event; Leopoldo Reyes, Chairman of the Board and Patrick Cussen, who presided over Cesco for more than fifteen years.

After an active participation in all the activities of Cesco Week Shanghai, Iván Arriagada states that “fortunately Chile is still recognized in international circles as a country with stable institutions that have allowed a consistent development with clear rules. In that point, we clearly stand out in the neighborhood. Being a member of the OECD it also helps”.

Meanwhile, Mauro Valdés highlights, as a conclusion, the importance of staying attractive for mining and taking care of the 30% share of the world copper market. “To this end, we must promote exploration and update the regulatory framework. Also, a strong focus on productivity, innovation, costs and a proper territorial insertion and environmental care, in a long-term balance, seems to me to sum up the overall challenge of Chilean mining, in its magnitude and complexity. ”

Diego Hernández is even more emphatic in this matter and state that “Chile without mining has much less chance of achieving development,” asserting that the main challenge of Chilean mining is to remain competitive and “to create conditions to attract investment when companies are ready to invest again “.

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