Representatives of JiangXi province, KGHM, and Anglo Américan visit Cesco

The week of December 3rd, a delegation formed by representatives of the province of JianXi, the main copper producing province in China, accompanied by senior executives of JianXi Copper held a meeting in Cesco to request our collaboration and support to get some of the regions mining companies from Chile joins JianXi as a sister province. During his stay in Chile, the delegation also visited Teniente.

On the other hand, on what was his first visit to Chile, Pawel Gruza, Executive Vice President of Assets Abroad of KGHM, the majority shareholder of Sierra Gorda, held a meeting with members of Cesco’s board to discuss the challenges of their operations in Chile.

Finally, on Friday, December 14th, Anglo American visited Cesco to publicize the Los Bronces Integrated Project, which seeks the development of the current mine plus a new underground mining sector with no impact on the surface. The objective is to sustain the current levels of production over time, with a proposal that puts sustainability and harmonious coexistence of all interests in the territory in the first place.

Among the attendees, there were professionals from the mining sector and from other sectors, who gave feedback to the Anglo American team about the presentation.