Interview with Alejandra Wood about CESCO WEEK STGO 2019

CESCO WEEK 2019: “The best place to know first-hand everything that is happening in the industry”

This is what Cesco’s executive director Alejandra Wood says, who once again leads the organization of this important meeting that brings together hundreds of players from Chile and the world. In this interview, she gives a preview of the topics that will be the main focus of the week and explains why it is essential for those who are linked or want to be involved in the mining industry to be present.

This year, the 23° version of Cesco Week will be held in our country. What are the expectations of this new encounter between the main actors of world mining? What could be the differences with previous years?

We have signs of greater optimism from the market players after this year of transition, where towards the end of the period there were concrete signs of investment reactivation.

We are fully working with our co-organizers in the value proposition of the Explorations Forum, World Copper Conference and the third version of the Mining and Sustainability seminar, which on this occasion will focus on tailings. Also, the table and seats sales were opened at the beginning of December for the traditional Cesco Dinner, which always arouses special interest in the Chilean and international industry.

What are the topics that will prevail during this week? Are there some that have not been incorporated before?

Along with the specific issues related to prices, demand and supply and medium-term projections, the topics on the agenda will revolve around the revitalization of the explorations, the challenges of the industry around the transit of mining to an industry 4.0, the social license to operate as a key enabler for mining in the coming years, just to mention a few. Although some issues may be repeated, the emphasis is different in relation to the moment we are living and the global trends that are playing a leading role. There is no doubt that each version of Cesco Week brings with it some tendency and/or novelty that always surprises.

How do you evaluate the mood of the industry to receive this new week? Is there a more optimistic environment with respect to previous years?

In any case, there is a better mood and greater optimism. We perceive a lot of interest to participate and show news.

Cesco Dinner always surprises with its invited international speaker. Who will be on this occasion and what is the central theme?

The speaker will be a leading economist who work for Unesco, in anticipation issues or “Futures Literacy”. We are working on his talk, which will undoubtedly inspire the audience to better understand the context and how to deal with this complex and changing world.

Why is it essential for those people related to mining (and others who want to be) to participate in this meeting?

Because it is the best place to get to know first hand, everything that is happening, what the short and medium term perspectives are and also to strengthen the links between all the most relevant actors in the industry. Perhaps for the same reason year after year we have a tremendous call and many people decide to join to soak up what is happening and will happen in the mining industry.