Cochilco opens citizen consultation on the contribution of mining to the country

Mining is one of the most relevant productive activities for the economic and social development of Chile. It is responsible for 56% of the exports that the country generates, represents 10% of the national GDP and records the largest investment volumes, according to the portfolio of mining projects, that exceeds USD $ 72 billion for the period 2019-2028.

It is in this context that the Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco), has begun the ninth process of Citizen Consultation carried out by the entity, and whose purpose is to know the opinion of citizens about the role of public policies for the development of the mining sector, and the contribution of mining to the progress of the country.

According to Cochilco, this information is requested to enrich its lines of work, to address them in a more comprehensive way. The consultation consists of two questions: What do you think should be the contribution of mining for the economic and social development of Chile? And, What do you think is the role that public policies must play to promote the development of the mining sector in a sustainable way?

According to the schedule established by the Commission, the consultation will be open until December 18. On December 20, the citizens’ responses will be published, and on the 27th of the same month, Cochilco will deliver an answer based on the results of the consultation.