Cadastre of mining projects reaches USD $ 72,503 millions by 2028

An increase of USD $ 6,756 millions in mining investments compared to the previous year, the Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco) announced during its presentation of the 2019-2028 Mining Project Cadastre. In total, the estimated investment reaches USD $ 72,503 millions.

As reported by Pulso, this increase is explained by some changes in the composition of the portfolio, which is related to projects that have been discarded or paralyzed, and others that have been added to the list. The investment increase of USD $ 6,171 million due to costs of some Codelco structural projects is noteworthy is, and the increase in the item “other Codelco projects”, which reach USD $ 2,513 million compared to the 2018 cadastre.

Chilean companies explain 51% of the investment associated with this cadastre, while Canada (21%), United Kingdom (10%) and the US (7%) follow.

In relation to the probability of execution, the cadastre indicates that 37% of the initiatives are in a “base” condition, 21% in a “probable”condition, 16% in a “possible” condition and 26% in a “potential” condition.

The region that will receive the majority of investment is Antofagasta, with US $ 24,518 millions, followed by Atacama, with US $ 16,055 millions.

Check the Cochilco report here.