Anglo American will stop using fresh water in its operations in Chile

In the context of the drought that affects the central zone of Chile, the mining company Anglo American has announced that it will change its source of water supply, ceasing to use fresh water, and replacing it with wastewater.

As reported by Pulso, since 2012 the company has worked on a system to reuse water. In order to entirely provide the operations, Anglo American will need to reach agreements with other companies, such as sanitary and thermoelectric companies, among others, in order for them to deliver their wastewater.

The mining company said that the first focus to carry out this, is to do it in Los Bronces, and once that process is finished, continue with the rest of its operations.

The company has a four-point work plan that consists of, firstly, searching for more productive and efficient processes; secondly,  the different agreements previously mentioned; and as a third point, it is the help of neighboring communities, through the contribution of technologies that register a better use of water; and, finally, contribute with greater knowledge in water resources.