In a coronavirus emergency, the copper mining industry in Chile is considering reducing the production

With a heterogeneous impact on the national copper industry, mining companies in Chile are considering reducing their production given the effects associated with restrictive measures to contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus, reported Pulso.

A report by the National Mining Society (Sonami in Spanish) revealed that both small and medium-sized companies do not have the financial backing of multinational giants to face the current scenario in which the industry operates.

“Over the days, it has migrated from providing information about the disease and preventive measures to the cessation of ongoing projects. Even a decrease in production is already contemplated in some companies”, the association said in a document sent to Reuters.

Among the measures adopted by the industry to curb the contagion, are the ones to temporarily reduce the workforce in its tasks between 25% and 30%, in addition to paralyzing expansion and improvement projects, such as Quebrada Blanca Phase II, Sulfolix Phase II at Minera El Abra, or the Codelco Chuquicamata Subterránea project, the early works of Rajo Inca and the assembly works of Traspaso Andina.

The association also assured that in medium-sized mining, hit by the weakness in the global price of the metal, some firms have started the temporary closure of operations.