Automotive industry experts will analyze the future of copper as an essential mineral for electromobility

The initiative is organized by Cesco and CRU, with the support of the International Copper Association, and for its second episode -which will take place on July 21 – it will have the CEO of SignumBox and director of Cesco, Daniela Desormeaux, as moderator of the discussion.

To achieve the objective of reducing the carbon footprint and combat climate change, the automotive industry has begun a process of no return towards the manufacture of electric or battery-powered vehicles, where copper plays a fundamental role, reason why the growth of the demand for this mineral in the future is closely related to this market.

The second chapter of Copper Matters, a series of free webinars organized by the Center for Copper and Mining Studies (Cesco) and CRU, will focus on this topic and this time will bring together important international members of the automotive industry to talk about the potential of the red mineral in electromobility.

The episode, which will take place live on July 21 at 14:30 BTS and is sponsored by the International Copper Association, will feature the CEO of Signumbox and director of Cesco, Daniela Desormeaux, as moderator of the discussion.

Among the guests who will give their vision on this topic are Luke Gear, Senior Technology Analyst of the consulting firm IDTechEx; Marcin Seredynski, Head of Innovation and Research at Volvo; Simon Brockway, Advanced Motor Research Manager at Protean Electric Ltd .; and Cleef C. Thackwell, Lead Motor Designer, Jaguar Land Rover.