ChilePolimetálico Initiative holds a talk to  Cesco members

Representatives of the project explained the scope of the initiative and highlighted the opportunity that the country has in diversifying its mining, thanks to new technologies associated with electromobility and renewable energy.

To make Chile’s opportunities visible by diversifying its mining through non-traditional elements of value, and to provide strategic information in this regard, the ChilePolimetálico initiative was born under the wing of the Corporación Alta Ley.

The progress of this work and the main results found so far were presented to the members of Cesco in a virtual talk.  Guillermo Olivares, director of the project, Fernando Lucchini, executive president of Corporación Alta Ley, Katrina Matamala, leader of Administrative Management and Project Technician, and Carlos Muñoz, Chilepolimetallic geologist participated.

“The objective of this project is to create a team that is a national benchmark in the recovery of items of non-traditional value, and provide strategic information to make polymetallic opportunities viable”, Lucchini explained to Cesco members who participated in the talk.

The executive president explained that the potential of Chilepolimetálico converges from different edges that come from different parts. “Strategically, with the diversification of our mining portfolio, it obviously affects reducing the geopolitical risk of it. The second edge is the economic and social one, where we have a project that encourages the recovery of elements with more complex processes, fosters and raises commercial opportunities, which complicates our national mining economy, generating knowledge mining. And, finally, the great benefit and potential that this project brings together, go on the side of sustainability”, Lucchini said.

For his part, Guillermo Olivares explained the opportunities that exist when diversifying mining, taking into account that many elements such as lithium or cobalt, which are essential for the development of technologies linked to electromobility, renewable energy and energy storage, among other.

Chilepolimetálico has identified 14 minerals present in different deposits or with the potential to be recovered from mining waste, such as tailings. Also, the project members are working on generating a database of mining prospects in Chile together with Cochilco and other institutions.