Cesco celebrates 36 years promoting dialogue between civil society and the mining sector

The entity, which was born in 1984 to promote public policies for the development of more and better mining, celebrates one more year of life with new projects.

Composed of professionals with extensive experience in public organizations, private companies and academia, the Center for Copper and Mining Studies (Cesco), has worked over the years to promote public policies for the industry and facilitate the dialogue among members of civil society and mining, not only in Chile but in all those countries where this sector is strategic for its development.

“Cesco has managed to position itself as one of the think tanks around the dilemmas of mining”, said its executive director, Alejandra Wood, who reviewed the main milestones in which members of the institution – born in 1984- have had relevant participation, such as in the generation and promulgation of the “Law of competent persons” and the “Code for reports of mining prospects, resources and mineral reserves”; the discussion and promulgation of the Chilean “Law for the closure of mining operations”; the reform of Codelco’s corporate governance; the discussion group on “Virtuous, Sustainable and Inclusive Mining”, led by former President Ricardo Lagos and which gave life to the public-private programs “Alianza Valor Minero” and “Alta Ley”; the study on “Productivity in mining in Chile” of the National Productivity Commission; and the “National Lithium Commission”.

Added to this, is the organization of Cesco Week Santiago and Asia Copper Week Shanghai, events that have positioned themselves as a meeting place for the main players in the sector both in Chile and China. Likewise, the entity is promoting a series of free webinars together with the CRU consulting firm called “Copper Matters”, which has had the participation of important members of the mining industry.

Today, Cesco participates actively in the development of the “National Mining Policy 2050”, of the Ministry of Mining, and is promoting a discussion about the future of smelters, through a public policy proposal that has aroused much interest between public and private actors. Also, the entity developed a study on the penetration of 4.0 technologies in mining, which has taken on special relevance at this time due to the pandemic, and the need for the industry to continue operating. In addition to this, a new working commission on Circular Mining has recently been established, together with Sofofa Hub, and which has the participation of important companies in the mining sector.

In this context, the executive director invited its members and all those interested in continuing to promote this type of activity to work together. “We are in a unique and complex moment at a global level that forces us to collaborate from different perspectives and disciplines, how we will continue forward, in the recovery of social peace, of our economy and the fight against climate change. Mining has a great role in that future that has already arrived”.