Thursday, March 31st

   08:30-12:30 (CL)

IV Mining and Sustainability Seminar: “Critical Challenges for Sustainable Mining”

Technological change is rapidly transforming the economy, the environment and society worldwide. The fourth seminar “Mining and Sustainability: Critical Challenges for Sustainable Mining” is part of the New Tech New Deal project and the study “Technological Revolution in Large Mining in the Andean Region: Policies and Collaborative Efforts for its Full Deployment” carried out by Cesco with the support of the Deutsche Gelleschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

This document identified some systemic elements to keep in mind in the design and implementation of public policies and collective efforts to take advantage of the opportunities and address the risks associated with the adoption of new technologies, as well as some high-value socio-technological niches to boost sustainable mining in the region, in which the following stand out: Shared water infrastructure investments; nature-based solutions; electromobility for emission-free mining; the circular economy in primary mining; and offsets and driving the carbon market.

This seminar will present the results of this second stage in which the critical factors for the development of the aforementioned niches in the region were investigated.

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   Monday, March 28th

   08:30-12:30 (CL)

Exploration Forum

Global megatrends offer us as never before the opportunity for a new narrative for mining, necessary for the progress of humanity. And our countries have a privileged endowment of resources -minerals and renewable energy- to play a key role in this context.

In this Exploration Forum we will offer an analysis of the key aspects involved in the activity by experts in market, political, financial and mining subjects. At the same time, we will present exploration projects that are close to their start-up as well as others that are in earlier stages.

   Wednesday, March 30

   19:00-22:00 (CL)

Cesco Dinner 2022

Organized annually by the Center for Copper and Mining Studies, CESCO, the 24th version of the Cesco Dinner will be held on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at the San Cristobal Polo Club in Santiago, Chile. The access will be through Luis Carrera 2960, Vitacura.

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   Thursday, March 31st

   13:30 (CL)

Golf Championship Mining Cup 2022

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   Thursday, March 31st

   15:00- 17:30

Seminar “Mining Royalty: Beyond tax revenue collection” | CESCO + EY

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Seminar Climate Change: risks and opportunities

Study launch: Signals of Mining

Seminar Institutionality of Chilean mining in the international context


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