“The acceleration of worldwide growth and the growing demand are the main factors explaining the general price increases for most of commodities and forecasts for higher price increases of these products in the future”, stated Shantanayan Devarajan, Senior Director of Development Economics and Chief Interim Economist of the World Bank. “At the same time, policy measures under discussion add uncertainty to perspectives”.

Within the context of sustainable growth of the main world economies, not all is said. It remains to be seen which levels of uncertainty the politics situation of some countries of the Old World brings, as well as the trade war declared between the USA and China.

However, the price of copper and other commodities is seen as stable in the short term and with good medium-term prospects.

And in the future, of course, we see more and more headlines on the impact on the demand brought by electromobility and energy storage. This, together with a limited supply, without contemplating new greenfield projects until the beginning of the coming decade.

Worldwide mining is in transition to a next stage, threatened by the imperative of productivity and inclusion of new technologies such as automation, scarcity of water and energy, the pressure from the local communities and, of course, by embracing the inclusion and diversity in its workforce.

If you want to know more about the next steps from the main market players, price estimates and forecasts around the different variables of the mining business, don’t miss the next version of Cesco Week Santiago 2019.



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