One year after the outbreak of the pandemic that impacted all areas of our lives, we are pleased to present the program for Cesco Week Santiago 2021, which will take place virtually. In an atmosphere of optimism around the near end of the confinement measures for the vaccination campaigns, and with the main global economies in full recovery, we hope that this instance will allow you to form an opinion on the trends and prospects for the copper industry from the voices of its protagonists and experts. SEE MORE GO TO CESCO WEEK STGO We invite you to participate in a conversation about Chile’s institutional framework for mining in the global context, together with international experts in the field, which is part of Cesco’s mission to generate spaces for serious and well-founded discussion on relevant public policies for the country in the mining area. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT Cesco and China Non Ferrous Industry Association regrets to inform the cancellation of all Asia Copper Week hosted events during ACW 2020 traditionally held at Shanghai in the month of November. Asia Copper Conference, hosted by Fast Markets MB and Cesco, has also been canceled, although we still want to keep our presence during the week by offering a series of complimentary webinars. SEE MORE

Copper Matters Episode Two | EV Motors – Propelling Copper into the Future

Find out what’s important in the copper industry as leaders and innovators share what they really think about the future in Copper Matters. Episode Two: Growth in copper demand follows the trajectory of the global car market, where pure battery-electric cars are predicted to extract the greatest value in the coming years. Electric traction motors present a significant source of growth for the copper industry over the next decade. Join us to hear how copper will remain a vital commodity in this ever-evolving market.

The study is part of the IGF “New Tech, New Deal” project and has the support of the German Cooperation through GIZ and its MinSus program. The presentation will take place on January 26 at 12:00 in Chile, 10:00 in Peru and Colombia.
The government's lack of vision in awarding the funds to create the Clean Technologies Institute is surprising.
More than 300 people participated in the meeting "New smelting capacity for Chile", where experts and authorities discussed this issue. The activity was sponsored by the Ministry of Mining and the collaboration of Voces Mineras.
The meeting, which took place on December 9, was attended by Eduardo Valente from EY, Aaron Puna from Anglo American Chile, and Alejandra Wood, Cesco's executive director.
After the comfortable triumph of the Approve option in the referendum of October 25, a complex process of election of conventionals begins, who will have to write a new Constitution. What modifications could mining have on their pages? We spoke with the lawyers Cristian Quinzio and Ernesto Barros to elucidate
In 2019, the Ministry of Mining began to prepare the National Mining Policy 2050, which, through a participatory process of national and local scope, aims to become the guiding instrument that leads the future development of sustainable mining for Chile. The decision is welcome considering the importance of mining for
There are several challenges that Codelco will have to face to stay competitive in this new decade that is just beginning. Given the new market demands in terms of copper traceability, and of the society to have sustainable and sustained mining, there is a need, in the case of the
Although May would be initially the month where it would be announced which consortium would be awarded the project promoted by Corfo, this process has been delayed for a few months, first due to the social outbreak in October, and then due to the pandemic. However, the entity would be





We invite you to participate in our next Cesco Week Santiago 2020, one of the most important meetings of the copper mining industry worldwide, which will take place from March 23 to 27.


WEEK 2019

WEEK 2019

In november 2019 will be held in Shanghai the 8th Asia Copper Week, which gathers global copper industry leaders and is organized by CESCO.





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