It has been good news for the mining sector, and for the country, the high prices that copper has registered in recent weeks. A situation that, according to the analysts, should be maintained in the medium term. It should also be noted that the industry has been very efficient in responding to the coronavirus emergency, maintaining production and high health and safety standards for its workers.
The outstanding professional, who has more than 25 years of experience linked to the study and design of policies in the mining industry, will assume this role to replace Alejandra Wood. The latter was appointed a Codelco Board of Directors member at the end of May.
The hybrid meeting, which will take place on August 18, is organized by CESCO and Chile Explore and will bring together experts in the field.
The meeting returns to be face-to-face and will bring together the leading executives of the copper industry with their foundry peers. Along with the traditional Asia Copper Dinner, a new event organized by CRU is added: the World Copper Conference Asia.
To the more than 40 professionals that today participate at the Center for Copper and Mining Studies, eleven new members have been added, who will be part of the different initiatives promoted by the organization.
Within the framework of Cesco Week 2022, the Center for Copper and Mining Studies will hold the IV Mining and Sustainability Seminar on March 31st. With the support of GIZ, a complete study will be presented on strategic socio-technological niches that will allow the sustainability of the mining sector in
The meeting, which traditionally takes place in the context of Asia Copper Week during November in the city of Shanghai, was held virtually for the second consecutive year. The event brought together the main executives of the copper mining industry with their Chinese smelter peers, and included the participation of
After two years, the 25th version of Cesco Week Santiago will once again be face-to-face, bringing together the main national and international industry participants, between March 28th and 31st, 2022. This year, the World Copper Conference and the traditional Cesco Dinner will also be held, with limited capacity according to
The World Copper Conference, organized by CRU, will also be held during Cesco week.
At the event, the performance of the study center during 2020 was reported, and the program coordinator of presidential candidate Gabriel Boric's team, Javiera Martinez, made a presentation.
The meeting, which took place online, was moderated by Cesco's executive director, Alejandra Wood.
Some of the proposed objectives of The Center for Copper and Mining Studies (CESCO) are, to increase the incomes significantly when prices; and therefore, the operational margins, are high. As well as, generate a balanced distribution of mining income among the state, owner of resources and mining companies which invest