The recent discussion that has taken place in the press allows us to revisit a recurring theme of great importance for the development policies of our country.
After the comfortable triumph of the Approve option in the referendum of October 25, a complex process of election of conventionals begins, who will have to write a new Constitution. What modifications could mining have on their pages? We spoke with the lawyers Cristian Quinzio and Ernesto Barros to elucidate
There are several challenges that Codelco will have to face to stay competitive in this new decade that is just beginning. Given the new market demands in terms of copper traceability, and of the society to have sustainable and sustained mining, there is a need, in the case of the
Although May would be initially the month where it would be announced which consortium would be awarded the project promoted by Corfo, this process has been delayed for a few months, first due to the social outbreak in October, and then due to the pandemic. However, the entity would be
According to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s estimates, during the first half of 2020, 275 sites in 36 countries recorded some type of interruption in their operations due to the pandemic. However, the market value of the companies continues to rise, and as of June, they registered an average growth of
The Center for Copper and Mining Studies held its annual assembly of members, where it became aware of the management carried out in 2019, and part of the work that has been carried out in the organization during 2020. Subsequently, the attendees participated in a meeting with the constitutional expert
More than 200 people followed the Seminar “The Copper Mark: collaboration for a responsible copper in the Andean Region” live and direct, organized by the Alta Ley Corporation, Cesco, and The Copper Mark, which had the participation of important actors from the Chilean and Peruvian mining ecosystem.
The entity, which was born in 1984 to promote public policies for the development of more and better mining, celebrates one more year of life with new projects.
It is the third chapter in the series of free webinars organized by the Center for Copper and Mining  Studies and CRU.
Representatives of the project explained the scope of the initiative and highlighted the opportunity that the country has in diversifying its mining, thanks to new technologies associated with electromobility and renewable energy.
The pandemic has hit both national GDP, as well as private consumption and investment by 2020. Until now, mining has played a leading role to alleviate the economic crisis that Covid-19 brought with it, however, there is greater uncertainty about the rate of recovery of investment in the sector.
More than 300 people participated in the first episode of Copper Matters, an initiative organized jointly by Cesco and CRU, and which in its first two versions has the support of the International Copper Association. The second episode of this webinar series will be on July 21.
The initiative is organized by Cesco and CRU, with the support of the International Copper Association, and for its second episode -which will take place on July 21 - it will have the CEO of SignumBox and director of Cesco, Daniela Desormeaux, as moderator of the discussion.